Be present in the moment…

Often we talk about past experiences, current challenges, and future plans. We grow anxious about something that happened a long time ago and we spend a lot of time planning for the future events. Learning from experiences is priceless and preparing for the future is crucial. However, many of us forget what is happening right in front of us at the moment, now.

One thing is for sure, noone can bring back the time that has passed already. We frequently hear from our elderly family members and friends that children grow so fast and one they we will look and see them going to college. Then we will ask the same question: Where have the years gone by? How did he or she grow so fast?

It is important to take the time and focus on the moment we are in. We should stop in the now and become aware of what is happening. If your child is telling you something about his day, stop and listen. Have eye contact and show your interest in what he is telling you about. Make the best of family dinner as much as you can. Yes, this means “no electronics”.  Share the highs and lows of your day and make sure everyone gets to speak. Do not ignore the importance of bedtime stories. Even if it is just for 10 minutes each night, it is 70 minutes a week you have uninterrrupted, just for you and your always will be baby. Watch him sleeping for a couple of minutes, take it all in knowing one day the bird will fly away from the nest. Show up at the basketball practice, cheer at the soccer game, make time for parent- teacher conference. After all, these are the ways you will create lasting memories with and for your child.

Be present in the moment. Cherish these memorable times and allow yourself and your child the opportunity to connect, strenghten your bond and share the life in its true meaning. Everything else will take care of itself. Everything else will always be there waiting for you.

Why do we feel busier than ever?

I remember the days I would go to work and in between classes I would be able to chat with colleagues and brainstorm about events we were planning. We even had  few moments to check the news or read an article to keep up with daily hapenings and discuss world events. Some sad and some happy. After work, I would stop by my sister’s house and enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice chat. Fashion, life problems, neighbors… Whatever life was throwing at us at the time. It was relaxing even if it was stressful. I know it sounds contradicting or confusing but I am serious. It was really a moment to ourselves.

We don’t have that kind of time nowadays. In the midst of everything, I mean work-home-extra curricular actvities of your child, there is no time. We are always rushing to something, running out of something. Technology, including our smartphones, is taking over every bit of time we have. No need to turn on a computer or a laptop anymore. Everything and everyone is so accesible via gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Maybe that is why we are always busy. We have become non-unreachable. At work emails pop up and we get the urge to read and reply right away. In the car we check emails, receive and send texts. Some may think of it as taking advantage of red lights or a traffic jam. How about listening to a song and  taking that time to be with ourselves or even chat with the family in the car? Then we finally make it home. Once we are settled with homework, shower and dinner we finally strech out to watch a favorite show to unwind. Commercial break is an opportunity to check our facebook, comment and or post status or something we find funny or interesting to share with the world that we do not get to see that often or sometimes not at all. We are constantly busy. Or are we?



Source: Why do we feel busier than ever?