We need more love…

Thanks to one of my really good friends, I have been watching the show “Outlander”. As I am watching it, I cant help myself but to think about my life, life of others whom I know and reflect on time. 

There is romance, passion, kindness, class and there is anger, cruelty, barbarism. All is real, was real and will continue to be real. As long as there is human race on earth. I searched on google and found so many things about this show. There are bloggers writing about “Outlander”, there are interest forums, youtube videos, and I am one of the people who are obsessed with it. So the question is why are there so many fans? If we all are so attached to this show because it warms our hearts, boils our blood at times because of all the cruelty and injustice, how come we are missing all that love and all that passion to make things right in real life? How come we have so many self centered people who are away from being honest, empathetic and plain “good”? Maybe we need to be louder. Maybe we need to make more of us and spread around the world. We really need it. We need more love. Selfnessness. Gentleness. We need to care. About each other, the world. In return? We get more love. Peace. Comfort. Joy. A better world. Green, white, yellow, brown, black who cares. We all are humans. Tall, short, petite, large, skinny, fat, who cares? We are all humans. It is all about human race. It is all about loving, showing kindness and being passionate about what is positive. It is about caring. For a better life. Now and in the future.  

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